Describe your community, please ? /// subsists from a group dedicated to initiate, maintain and care fore artistic inquires within; to assemble people, objects, images - - performance - - radio & sound-waves

/// as default an interaction with any context, entity or ecology is a declared preparation to consider the irreversible disruptive effect on their communal practice/life.

Describe your territory, please ?

Strata - layers of soil —> made liquid to re-organize
Mycelium-in-aqua informing the layers with impulses
Sprouts shooting electric impulses shooting incoherent shockwaves into the
Crystal bidings in formation, as coral faunas in the lost reefs
- dirty - dirty - dirty - dirty - dirty = THIS IS A GHOSTTOWN 🎍

AQUATIC PREASURE = Crystallisation 💎

Light bending through this communalcolorspectrum
As photosyntheses from which we subsist

By the shocks-waves shooting in our nervous-system
By the air surrounding our organs
By the water filling our lungs

We ask; -how can we do to make ourselves sensitive to the sensitivity of
other alive forms?